June 1, 2009

A House for the Birds

I’ve always wanted to have a birdhouse that I can put outside and have little birds come over to feed or live, but I have never had one. Sadly, I can’t find any birdhouses in Bulgaria, unless they are custom ordered. That’s why I decided to find some beautiful photos and post them here, and maybe one day I’ll get around to making one for myself.







decorative-birdhouse-hb-9003lg Decorative Wooden Bird House1



It’s amazing how a single, so ‘trivial’ object can have so many designs! Each one of those birdhouses is distinctly different from the next, while still maintaining a relatively similar shape. I’m not even taking into account all the fancy birdhouses that are out there!

I would definitely love to make one, but I think that’s a project way beyond my capabilities. Maybe some day!

In the meantime, however, I pulled out an old tea/coffee set of boring milkglass that I am about to transform. I’ll post the results!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!



Kristin said...

I'm looking for one right now! Love that last one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Evy,

Lovely birdhouse pictures :-)

I am sure you would be able to make one!

I would like on myself, maybe I will make myself one one day too!

Rose XXX

Karen said...

What beautiful and inspirational bird houses. I have every confidence that you could make one even more wonderful.