June 15, 2009

Wish I Had One Of Those…

One bad thing about living in an apartment (among many other bad things) is that there isn’t enough room to go crazy with decoration ideas and set up special rooms for hobbies, crafts, etc. I have seen pictures of craft rooms, in particular, that really draw my attention and make me really wish I had some space to make one of my own – especially with my stash of materials growing!

Oh well, I guess that’s something to aspire for – getting a house where I can have a room to call my own craft room! In the meantime, here’s some eye-candy:



472702806_3c313480d7   kid-craft-room-de-61502607

craftroom  Isaac Bailey Photography

craft-room-1-bhg  froggy-monkey-craft-room


You should really check the last link, there’s some gorgeous craft room photos there!

Here’s hoping!


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Mrs.Zeus said...

Yeah I cannot wait to have our own place too! These are knock-out decors!!!

A fellow SITSta dropping by to show some love!

Things That Inspire said...

Even though I live in a decent size house, I still don't have a craft room! Between the kids, the husband, and the dog, there is simply not any space left over. In my next house, this will be one of my requirements - a craft room! I am going to check out the link you recommended for more inspiration photos, but you have gathered a great collection already! Love that last photo.

crush. blog said...

these are all great!