June 21, 2009

One Huge Thank-You & Other Little Notes

I was overwhelmed by the comments you all left on the tea/coffee set for the junk party, and I just want to say a big thank you to all of you, and to Kennesha for hosting such a nice event! This has, by far, been the most fun event I have participated in Blogland, and it really made me feel like starting a blog is a great and rewarding experience. Once again, thank you!


I would have loved to reply to every single comment you guys left, but  unfortunately some of the comments get e-mailed to me without an e-mail address. Some of you asked if I was planning on selling the set, and the answer is yes. I am planning on opening my Etsy store very soon, and I’m currently working on acquiring a nice stash of napkins to do custom orders. Of course, I’m not selling that particular one, because it was more of an exercise, but all sets would look similar to what you saw. So, stay tuned and I will make sure to let you know when the shop opens!

On the home front, my Echinacea is in full bloom and it looks so perfect!

Flower Garden 003

Also, I am now the proud owner of a cute little Ageratum, fondly called Blue Puffy in Bulgaria.

Flower Garden 005

In the background you can see the tiny Rosemary plant I started from seed. I have to say it’s developing very well, and I hope it continues to grow that way. In addition, I now have a baby lavender, too, for which I am extremely excited!

I’m also still working on the mystery project and I am hoping I can have some more time tomorrow to take detailed pictures and finally get it completed. In the meantime, here’s what happens when I’m not looking:


Poor little thing was so terrified when we took the picture. On top of it, I now have blue paw-prints on the carpet that I have no clue how to clean up. Fun, fun!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, and wishing you a great week!



Melanie said...

Hi Evy,
I planted Ageratum along my front walk for the first time this year. I remember seeing it at a garden once lining a path and I loved it.

I can't believe all the plants you've started from seed. I'm too impatient for that! ;-)

Anonymous said...

nice blog!

Anonymous said...
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T. W. Anderson said...

Yes, our balcony and ALL of our window sills are positively teeming with growth, lol. Even the top of our fridge and most of our kitchen table is consumed by little pots of something growing :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, it was a mistake

Evy said...

No worries, double posts happen!

I don't know what makes me want to start plants from seed, considering I feel that this is a less rewarding method - it takes time, and the sorts are not always what they are supposed to be. But I still do it, ha!

The Ageratums are incredibly cute, I'm really happy I bought mine.

Anonymous said...

love your plants :-)

oh bless, she does look scared!

Rose XXX