June 24, 2009

What Was All This Noise About?!

Do you remember the mystery project? Well, I think it is time for it to be revealed!

Beach Time Windchime 077

Beach Time Windchime 078 

Beach-time Wind Chime is here!

I know it took me much longer than anticipated to finish this project, but I had some minor complications, namely the shells on the rim took waaay too long to dry once glued on. I had to do one shell at a time to allow the glue to dry before attempting to put the next one on. Overall, however, I had a blast while working on that one!

I am debating making the raffia bow a bit smaller, as I think it dominates the whole wind chime right now. What do you think?




Rose Charles said...

Hi Evy,

love your windchime :-)

that is my favourite colour i think!

Rose XXX

T. W. Anderson said...

The cat loved it too. I left it hanging in her reach after Evy got done with it last night, and as I was watching TV on the couch I was surprised by the sound of chimes ringing and the cat whizzing around the living room.

Cindy B. said...

How cute! What an inventive way to use a clay flower pot! I do think the bow is just a smidge to big. But other than that love it!!