June 1, 2009

June’s Projects

Sweet Kim @ Heart In The Country had a great idea and posted a monthly ‘to-do’ list. I was so thrilled when I read her list that it inspired me to write one of my own – and maybe that would be an incentive enough to keep to it, ha! Plus, remember me talking about starting a crafter's journal? Well, what is a better place to do that than my blog?

So, here it is, the ‘June to-do list’:


1. Go shopping for craft materials:

  • Spray paints – various colors
  • Wooden picture frame, plus some cheap plastic ones
  • Chicken-wire and some hooks
  • Mother-of-pearl ornaments and shells
  • Twine
  • Bamboo piece
  • Decoupage paper and some napkins
  • Wooden jewelry ornaments
  • Wind chime kit
  • Felt of various thickness and colors
  • Buttons
  • Sea salt (fine)
  • Glass bottles
  • Metal plaques
  • Tin wire of various thickness

Serviette pictures

2. Work on some hand-made jewelry.

3. Figure out what to do with that tin can I salvaged (love being so vague, ha!)

4. Find some old glass jars and use them as hanging planters on the wall.

Glass jar vases glass jar vase

5. Make the jewelry rack for mom.

6. Make a tag from the metal plaques.

Metal plaque tab

7. Make the chicken-wire ‘hanger’.

Chicken-wire hanger


1. Repot the Dracena Marginata in a larger pot.

Dracaena marginata

2. Move the cherry tomato plant in a bigger pot.

3. Move the Pelargoniums outside and prune them.

pelargonium-peltatumpellis og annet 015

4. Buy potting mix and more planters to plant the rest of the small petunias.

5. Sow more basil. Also, check the lavender seeds and transfer into a pot.

6. Buy some petunias from the market and plant in pots at the bedroom window.


1. Stick to my diet at all costs! ‘Cheating’ only allowed on Saturday/Sunday.

2. Do some exercising.

3. Find a good book to read.

I’m sure I will think of something else to add to the list so I will update it regularly. I so wish I can keep to it – I am excited about everything I want to do, and yet I find myself lacking the motivation sometimes. Hopefully, with the list being now ‘public’ I will feel obliged to follow my list and complete the projects I have set myself to work on.

Alright, now I’m going to work on that tea set!


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Anonymous said...

i think your to do list is a great idea :-)

i think it would also be good for me to do one (instead of spending hours seemingly doing nothing! lol)

Rose XXX

Karen said...

How weird, I was just thinking this morning that I should get back to monthly knitting goals. I used to post a Monthly Knit List on my blog each month, but somehow I got away from it. I think I'm going to start with June though - since my time machine is broken, I can't go back and re-do May. ;)

Design it Chic said...

Ha .. oh the lists... they look cute and all but once you come down to cross the ones you did... i always get stuck at some:P
anyway i wish you the best of luck with all that and with the motivation and such... hot weather may be to blame for that.. at least i always blame it:P

Anyway the point here is: first, thanks for the award.. i already received it 2 times before, but i thank you for considering my blog cute and all! It means alot! And second, I tagged you so go check my blog see how to play!

Happy Monday and Happy International Children's Day!


T. W. Anderson said...

Time machines ftw!

Kim said...

Great list! Stopping by from Design It Chic. I love gardening and crafts, I will be sure to stop back again to check out your June projects!


Cairo Typ0 said...

Good luck with your todo list!! I'm exhausted just reading it! LOL

I like the idea of planning a day when you can cheat on your diet. You're more likely to keep to it during the week then. :)

Design it Chic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and share some love support:) My teeth are getting better.. next Wednesday I'll go remove the stitches.. so hope everything will go good:)
Meanwhile, i keep up with my blog.. you can check by cause' i have some fashion choices there and I'd love your feedback:)
Hope you're good and all!
Happy Wednesday Evy!


Anonymous said...

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