April 23, 2009

Such an Oopsie…

Remember our new bed? Well, after all that excitement we discovered that we had made a huge mistake with certain measurements….

When we bought the bed, I went with my mother. She had just bought a new mattress a few weeks before, and so we decided it would be wise to just buy the bed frame and a topper and use her old mattress. I trusted she knew the measurements on her old one, since she had just ordered a new one, so we all went home merrily.

But yesterday the bed gets delivered, along with mom’s old mattress (which we had shipped to my grandma’s house for storage) and lo and behold – the mattress is 8 inches narrower and 5 inches shorter than the new bed!

We assembled everything and put the mattress and topper on, since we need to sleep somewhere, but now we’re looking at spending more money to get a brand new mattress that fits the bed. Thankfully, we only need a cheap-o one, since the topper is what makes the whole bed what it is (did I mention I love memory foam?

See, I’m not blaming my mom for not remembering, I think the whole thing is funny, and we should have measured before buying such a major thing, but oh well… Lesson learned.

On the plus side, this new bed is so much bigger than our old one, I feel like I’m swimming! Timmy liked it too, other than the fact he was sliding off the bed the whole night!

Of course, this new piece of furniture inspired me to do some constructive re-decorating in the bedroom. Here’s some inspirational photos I found. Hope you enjoy them!



Classic bedroom design












The last picture is part of Laura Ashley’s collection. Have you heard of Laura Ashley? I adore her style! I wish I could decorate our whole new house with her design, but due to some hubby disagreement and pricing issues, that will not happen…

Here’s the official website.

Hope you all have a great day! More updates coming soon.



sandy said...

The bedding in the photos are lovely!

T. W. Anderson said...

by "we" she means "my mother and I", because I had nothing to do with it. Just for clarification, because I know how to use a tape measure O_o.

I'll be teasing her for weeks because of it, don't you worry :)

The memory foam rocks, even though it's bigger than the current mattress. I slept like a baby last night. Was yummy. Can't wait to get the final mattress and have more room to sprawl, since she's such a bed hog.

Karen said...

Oooohhh Nnnnooooo!!!! Such a bummer when silly mistakes like that happen. :( Love your bedroom inspiration photos though. Will be get to see pictures when your new bedroom is all done?

carma said...

Glad it all worked out - and thanks for stoppin' by my site. Glad you enjoyed the cheesiness :D

Miss Eve said...

Lovely style :-) I love light bedding. hope you have a great Sunday, love: Evi