April 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday!


Lovely Seleta has been hosting a cute event every Friday in order to make people end their work week with something nice on their minds. This is the first time I participate, and I feel excited!

My fabulous thing? Easter.

Strangely enough, our Easter (Orthodox church) is this weekend, a week after pretty much the rest of the world’s Easter. The church follows a different calendar and so some holidays are a bit off.

But I am really looking forward to finishing work today, then coming home and relaxing, because tomorrow we get to paint eggs!







The custom is to wake up before dawn and paint the eggs. The first egg has to be red and before it’s dry you dab some color on your forehead and cheeks (don’t ask why, because I don’t know!). Then we leave it out and name it for the house. The rest of the eggs you can do whatever you want to!

However, we don’t do much before midnight, when we go to the church. And when midnight comes, we celebrate Easter.

We have “egg fights” instead of egg hunts! We hold the eggs, pointed sides up, and smash the eggs together. Whoever’s egg stays whole is the winner.

But, the best part about Bulgarian Easter is the kozunak.





Kozunak is a sweet bread with dried fruits and nuts, sometimes stuffed with jam. We only make it for Easter, but people crave it all-year-round.

This is my Fabulous Friday snippet!

I will make sure to take come pictures over the weekend and post them here.

Have a great day!



T. W. Anderson said...

MMMM kozunak. My favorite time of the year around here is Easter, simply because of that bread. It is simply divine!

pve design said...

makes me wish I celebrated this one too!
lovely things!

jae said...

love a good tradition and an egg fight instead of hunt sounds like great fun.

simply seleta said...

How fun to read about such traditions. Thanks for sharing, Evy!

bluehydrangea said...

The eggs look beautiful..hope your holiday is fabulous!

Heart in the country said...

That Kozunak looks delicious!

Have a good holiday Evy and TW

T. W. Anderson said...

Oh, it *is* delicious :) My diet went out the window last night when the first loaf arrived. I had 3 slices, and just had my first one for breakfast as we get ready to paint eggs and head to grandma's house for the feast this evening.

nom nom nom!

Thanks, we will :)

Sweet Addie said...

What wonderful traditions! Have a great weekend!


laura drescher said...

i want to start a tradition like you do with the bread...what fun to look forward to~
enjoy the rest of your weekend.