April 8, 2009

Some Inspirational Photos

I was browsing the good ol’ net and stumbled across the lovely photos that I find extremely inspirational. With our new house almost in the works, I’ve been looking at deco ideas and while Timmy and I don’t really agree on the painted wood I love, I’m sure we’ll find a compromise.




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All photos taken from here.


Heart in the country said...

Lovely ideas Evy.

T. W. Anderson said...

Our issue is that she likes the "white washed" painted look, while I am more of a traditional wood kind of man. I prefer the natural, aged look.

So far our compromise has been that we both like the "weathered" antique white look, where the paint is slightly crackled, the wood is showing through, and it's not pristine and "angelic".

I just can't stand a pristine kitchen. To me, the perfect kitchen is rustic, with natural stone, raw wood, and earthy scents. If I had to go with any of those pictures, I'd do the fourth one down.