April 21, 2009


I wouldn’t know what SITS stands for if it weren’t for Chris over at her blog, who is the reason I found out about that lovely community with an amazing goal.

So if you would like to find out more about SITS, head over to the website and join in the fun!

In the meantime I am enjoying a hot cup of white/mint tea as I am preparing to go to bed, early for a change. I had a tummy ache all last night and managed to fall asleep at 5 a.m. but had to get up at 8:30 a.m. so I really didn’t get to sleep that much. Besides, tomorrow we have a busy day!

Remember me telling you about the new bed? Well, it’s getting delivered tomorrow morning, and we need to take out the old one before that, so we’ll have an early morning. Fun, fun.

And so, since I am in a “tea mood”, let me share some tea photos I found to (hopefully) set you all for a nice relaxing evening! Enjoy.

TeaTime2 Source

Daffodil Tea 2007 Klycinski - 036






Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!



T. W. Anderson said...

Mmmm white and green mint tea mixed is simply divine.

I prefer spun honey in my tea rather than brown/natural honey. It's a much smoother flavor.

I was born and raised a coffee man, but I've had to learn to adjust my tastes since marrying her =P I don't enjoy things like chamomile and the strange herbal teas they brew here in Bulgaria, but I do like chai, mint, green, white, and classical Earl Gray with a drop of lemon and splash of cream.

sandy said...

Thanks for visiting on my SITSday:0)