March 29, 2009

Weekend Pictures

Like I posted below, we had a great weekend. Here’s some pictures!

Bansko 113

View of the mountain.

Bansko 114

That's me walking down the street with the mountain in the background.

Bansko 117

Timmy at the restaurant.

Bansko 121

Bansko 125 Bansko 122

Some interior pictures.

Bansko 136

Bansko 140

An old monastery.

Bansko 139

Timmy and me.

Bansko 149

Some of the tiny streets in town.

Bansko 154

Clouds rolling in over the mountain (ignore the trash cans, please!)

Bansko 162

Dinner! (More like a feast, eh?)

And that was our weekend – now I am refreshed and have the strength to face the challenges of the new week.

Hope you all had a great weekend!