March 3, 2009

Having a Productive Day

Tim and I went shopping and came back with full bags - I got my so desired 2 Lilac shrubs, 2 pairs of gardening gloves and gardening tools! What is better than that?!

I can't wait to plant the Lilacs. The package says that roots need to be submerged in water for 24 hours before planting, then the stem needs to be trimmed to about 7 inches, and then the Lilacs can be planted. Since they are wrapped nicely, I can wait a couple more days to go and get a few bags of soil (didn't feel like lugging them all the way from the store today).

Tim then proceeded to make his super-secret recipe for home made tortilla shells (since there is no such thing in Bulgaria, and we really miss burritos) and we had the yummiest lunch we've had in a long time. Of course, our guard-cat Hope couldn't resist begging for food, like she always does! Enter Hope...

The oh-so-sleepy-and-lazy kitty had fun sitting on the windowsill, watching people go about their daily business in this gloomy March day. Oh well.