March 3, 2009

Button Brooches!

After reading artsy-crafty babe's button flower tutorial I thought I could give it a try. I must say that I had a blast, both picking out the buttons I was going to use, and then making the little flowers, which then I turned into brooches.

The first one I made was the pink flower with the black center, and I used liquid super glue to glue the buttons together, but I quickly regretted doing that - the glue went all over the place, a small drop of it became a huge blob on the surface.

Naturally, I equipped myself with a gel-like glue for the other two, and that worked much better. Later I also glued them from the back to ensure the bond was there.

I have to say, I love those. As my first attempt these are not very refined, and I need to find a way to put the center buttons in the center of the flower, instead of it being slightly crooked, but the ones I saw on the tutorial are incredibly cute, and I only hope I can reach that level of perfection.

For now, though, I need to grab the vacuum and go clean the house, which is desperately screaming at me. Then, I proceed with my knitting.

Stay safe!