March 17, 2009


Haven't posted in a few days, and so I believe it was high time I dropped a line!

It's been extremely busy the last few days with spring cleaning, school projects and work. The fact it's been really gloomy and soggy out doesn't help me feel any better about myself - I am the kind of person who likes the warm touch of the sun in the mornings, and that can get me going all day long. At the very least there are birds singing during the day now, and that makes it all so much better.

I am craving for springtime to get here and transform us all from grumpy winter creatures into happy and cheerful individuals. Life is so much better when the people around smile rather than growl at you (only figuratively speaking, thankfully).

I have started a new project I will post about soon (including pictures) and have been musing about another one I am very eager to try, but more details on that one later. Reading all the lovely blogs I have been reading and following lately has given me a ton of new ideas, some brand new, some wide variations of what I have seen. It's just that there isn't enough time to fully dedicate to that passion!

The garden is doing great, and as the days start getting longer, I am hoping the plants will start growing as well. Here's a short recap of all the "green" updates!

  • Received the order of two Gloxinia bulbs and planted them;
  • Planted chili peppers!
  • Became the owner of a brand new pair of pruning scissors;
  • Lilacs are growing leaves;
  • Liliums continue to grow;
  • My seedlings continue to multiply.

Other than that I have 3 different school projects I am working on and am finding that juggling that many is slowly drawing me to the verge of my sanity.

But above all, I am so proud of finally managing to clean one of the balconies from all the trash that was stacked there.

More tomorrow!


Karen said...

Good for you getting a jump on the spring cleaning. Although I guess spring really is only a couple of days away. :) Glad to have found your blog - it sounds like you have some exciting things in the works.

T. W. Anderson said...

Yeah, I'm a little excited as well (as her hubby), because the latest little project is actually quite neat, and something I had no idea you could do. She also showed me a set of bamboo double-point needles for knitting that we are going to order so she can have all the right sizes in a nice, organized set, and there's always a new plant needing to find a home.

Spring cleaning = run away! There's a lot to do. We've done both of the balconies now, as well as our bedroom. The next step is a couple of closets and then I think we will start on the notoriously cluttered "under the kitchen sink" and "storage cabinets" which are housing things which could probably move on their own by this point. It's kind of frightening to see something scuttling in the darkness of the cabinet when you open it, only to find that it's a bottle of preserves, for example, that has grown legs due to the length of time it's been under there!