May 23, 2009

Kitty Time

Meet the Guard Cat, Hope.

Kitty 001

She’s a 6 year-old mix that Tim bought for me for 10 buck from the pet store. I have to say, that was the best 10 bucks ever spent! She’s warmed my heart for almost 6 years now, and I hope she keeps doing that for many more to come.

She’s very easily frightened. If the doorbell rings, she’s off to hide in my closet for the next hour, looking all petrified. My grandma tells me funny stories (when we go on vacation, my Granny comes over to feed Hope), namely, she comes in, there is no cat to be seen, but there’s no food either! My grandma calls Hope the Ghost kitty.

Kitty 003

She must have some black-furred ancestors, because she has black freckles on her nose, gums, butt (yes, that’s right), a couple of black whiskers, and maybe 10 black hairs total on her tummy.

Kitty 004

She’s also a very playful kitty! She loves to hide under the couch and wait for someone (especially Tim) to go to the bathroom so she can attack your feet. Then she waits for you to make a funny face and goes to hide, waiting to attack again. She pats your legs gently, and runs off again. She also loves pens, coins, and one particular stuffed toy I received a few weeks ago.

Kitty 006

When she’s cuddly she likes to get in your lap, drape herself over your arm and purr. Oh, and her nose drips! Yes, her nose gets all wet and starts dripping on your arm. She also likes to bury her head in your elbow.

Custom is when I snuggle in bed at night to read, Hope comes over and plops herself on my chest, purring. She doesn’t move until I go to turn the light off, at which point she re-positions herself on my feet.

Kitty 007

She also has a fat tummy, as is evident by the above picture (that’s her back paw hidden under all that).

I love my kitty.



T. W. Anderson said...

her nick-name is Freckle-Butt

Design it Chic said...

oh she is so darn cute.. she reminds me of my cats from back home.. my *Yoko* male cat used to steel my stuffed duck and run all over the place with it in it's mouth, shaking its head and growling like a dog.. so it's no strangers to me this weird habit:))

Oh and also you may want to stop by my blog see that i was featured on one of those webs everybody's looking after! YAAAAAAAAAY!!

Happy Saturday!

Karen said...

Aww, I love Hope!! What a cutie she is and she sounds so sweet.

When K.C. get's exciting and happy about cuddling, she starts to drool. Big drops fall from her mouth right onto my leg. :)

Anonymous said...

she is lovely :-)

Rose XXX

Anonymous said...

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