May 20, 2009

One Final Down The Road…



… and I feel content! Accounting is over with, and I can’t be happier! See, it could be fun, if you get it, but I can’t say it’s my favorite subject. Now, next week is going to be the tough one, so much information to know that my head starts spinning just thinking about it.


Dessy and I decided to go to the University where we’re planning on taking our Landscape Architecture degrees. I called in advance, they told me they were open until 4:30 p.m. so after my final we hopped in her car and drove all the way out there. Except, we didn’t know there are 3 different universities all in one stretch, so we walked in the 2 wrong ones (thank you, old communist regime, for not putting any signs, anywhere) before we made it to ours… at 4:33 p.m. Well, suffice to say the Dean himself looked at us in such surprise and told us to come back the next day, because the secretaries had left a minute ago. What a waste of gas.

By now you’re probably wondering why we don’t just call instead of going in. Well, there’s an unwritten rule in Bulgaria that states that you get half-a**ed information over the phone, and only quarter-so when you go in person. I’ll take my chances.

On the plus side, we now know exactly where the University is, so next time we can walk straight in, with no side-trips.

And since I’m in such a scholarly mood, here’s some inspirational pictures. Enjoy!


Home Libraries-After

Traditional Home Library



[Images by book/daddy, Liam Quin, FreshHome, Renovation Design Group, oliveaux, Design Wonderland]


Kristin said...

I'm DYING for built in bookshelves. Those are lovely!

Anonymous said...

lol accounting, that's what i do for a job :-)
well, when I'm not sick anyway, so maybe not for much longer!

good luck with your next exam, (and on your next visit to the uni!).

Love the bookshelves!

Rose XXX

Design it Chic said...

Best of luck with your exam! What language are you studying in tough??? Are you American or Bulgarian? Sorry if my questions are stupid but i was just curious!:)
Anyway, i know what you mean with getting information over the phone vs. being someplace in person... i totally hate that too!!!

Happy Thursday tough!:)