February 28, 2009

Bulb Care

It is that time.

I got some beautiful early blooming tulips from my mom this year. Naturally, their blossoms died and the stalks turned dry and brown, and it was time to take the bulbs out to store them. Of course, some people prefer to leave the bulbs in the soil, but I prefer taking them out, wrapping them in paper and storing them in a cool room until it's time for them to be planted again. So I took them out and I am going to leave them out for a couple more days to dry and then proceed to put them away for the summer.

I also have 4 Hyacinths, but their stalks and leaves are still bright green, so it will be some time before I can take the bulbs out.

Tomorrow will be a busy day - I need to trim the stalks of 15 pots of Pelargonium zonale to give them a fresh start for the season. Friends and family have already called dibs on the cut-outs, but I plan to keep some for myself too. These plants are so beautiful that I want to have more of them. And, they are dear to me - my grandmother, who died 12 years ago, started them and looked after them for years, so essentially, those plants are 32 years old!

Along with that, I need to find time to make more Martenitsi! Oh dear!