February 27, 2009


Their time of the year is quickly drawing near!

In Bulgaria, 1st of March is a holiday. We give each other little bracelets or brooches weaved from red and white thread, called Martenitsi. This is the most unique Bulgarian tradition and represents health, fertility and spring. The story and the legend are quite interesting, though really different. A more contemporary information is found on Wikipedia.

Naturally, this presents a great opportunity for those who like to create things! I decided to give out hand-made Martenitsi to my family and friends this year, so I spent a few hours working on my first set, like the ones above. The good news is that I am going to look for a camera tomorrow, so I may be able to post a step-by-step tutorial on making these little guys.

I'm also adding a "My Projects" tab to keep track of them. Oh my, looking at the list I have compiled, I'll be slaving away tomorrow and the day after!

(Image taken from here.)