February 25, 2009

First knitting attempts!

Alright, so I decided to give knitting another go.

Back when I was a kid my grandma and I would sit around the garden for hours on end knitting - she used to make the greatest socks in the world, and I'd make dresses for my dolls. Because I was little she always used to cast my stitches on and I'd begin knitting (what I found out today is called the knit stitch).

So to my surprise I actually remembered how to do the knit stitch - so far so good. Thanks to the awesome tutorials at KnittingHelp I was able to successfully do the long-tail cast-on and knit a couple of experimental rows!

I am thinking of maybe trying to knit something I can use (something easy, of course) and hopefully get the hang of it. And maybe soon enough I will jump to the next level.

So, here's hopin'!