July 1, 2009

A New Month – New Beginnings

Today Bulgarians celebrate July Morning – a tradition that is traced back to the 70s and the hippy movement in America, and was regarded as a quiet protest against communism in the 8os (and gets its name from the famous Uriah Heep song July Morning). Enthusiasts travel to the Bulgarian sea-side to greet the morning sun on 1st of July – symbol of a new beginning.


That being said, I hope to see some new projects on a more personal level this month as well! Needless to say, I am very much behind on my June list, and I’m quite embarrassed about that. I guess I didn’t really take into account the fact I was going back to work full-time after my finals and how that would cut into my spare time – significantly, I have to say. And as much as I would have loved to have crossed all items off that list, I only managed to do a few… very few. Here’s a recap:

1. Go shopping for craft materials:

  • Spray paints – various colors (Not done, but at least I have a vague idea about what colors I want)
  • Wooden picture frame, plus some cheap plastic ones (On the to-do list this month)
  • Chicken-wire and some hooks (Not done)
  • Mother-of-pearl ornaments and shells (Some progress)
  • Twine (Not done)
  • Bamboo piece (Not done)
  • Decoupage paper and some napkins (Done)
  • Wooden jewelry ornaments (Done)
  • Wind chime kit (Done)
  • Felt of various thickness and colors (Not done)
  • Buttons (Not done)
  • Sea salt (fine) (Not done)
  • Glass bottles (Found some while cleaning the house)
  • Metal plaques (Done)
  • Tin wire of various thickness (Not done)

Such a sad, sad state of affairs. But the list continues!

2. Work on some hand-made jewelry. (Not done)

3. Figure out what to do with that tin can I salvaged (love being so vague, ha!) (Done – for now, the tin cans are perfect for storing my brushes)

4. Find some old glass jars and use them as hanging planters on the wall. (Partially – found the jars, haven’t used them yet)

5. Make the jewelry rack for mom. (Erm… not done)

6. Make a tag from the metal plaques. (Got the materials, still working on the creative part)

7. Make the chicken-wire ‘hanger’.(Not done)


1. Repot the Dracena Marginata in a larger pot. (Not done, I think the plant is doing alright in the pot it’s in)

2. Move the cherry tomato plant in a bigger pot. (Not done – but I got a ripe tomato)

3. Move the Pelargoniums outside and prune them. (Not done – some serious space issues. For now they are out on the steps are not doing too shabby)

4. Buy potting mix and more planters to plant the rest of the small petunias. (Done)

5. Sow more basil. Also, check the lavender seeds and transfer into a pot. (Not done – I bought a lavender plant, and don’t need more basil)

6. Buy some petunias from the market and plant in pots at the bedroom window. (Done)


1. Stick to my diet at all costs! ‘Cheating’ only allowed on Saturday/Sunday. (Semi accomplished!)

2. Do some exercising. (Not accomplished – not in the least)

3. Find a good book to read. (Done)

Alright, after this boring wall of text, I am ready to proceed with the July list, which is not ready yet, but will make sure to post it once it’s ready. To shed some light, though, I am working on several projects, some personal, some not so. My mom has a set of cups she’s donating to my future Etsy shop, where I’ll be offering similar items. In addition, I’m working on decorating a small vintage stool she has, and I actually can’t wait to start on that. Right now I am working on decorating a cigar box she found, and that’s been a fun little project. The box is almost complete, so I’ll make sure to post the “after” pictures soon. Oh, and I scored some vintage chairs from my aunt (which she was getting ready to throw away), so I can only picture the yummy goodness these will be! Of course, in order to do that, I’m planning on taking two weeks off of work sometime at the end of July/beginning of August. Fun fun!

Are you guys getting the BHG newsletter? They have some beautiful flower arrangements and tips today. Check this out!







Beautiful, aren’t they? And the tips are so simple, and yet form the ‘core’ of flower arrangement. Head on over to check all the gorgeousness!

I would also like to say one big WELCOME to the couple new followers I have. You all make this so worthwhile!


[Click on image to go to source. Flower images from BHG.com]


Heart in the country said...

Wow Evy, it's not wonder you didn't get through your June list, it's more like a years worth! Don't fret about the outstanding items - just think of your list as a work in progress and enjoy;0)

With regard to your can, how about filling with water and freezing, then punching a pattern in it, painting if you want and then filling with some compost and a lovely trailing plant? Oh and what is the good book you've found, I'm always on the lookout for another good read?

Rose Charles said...

Hi Evy,

Love the flower pics :-)

It's ok... you should see MY ever growing to do list!
Maybe I'l blog about it one day... or maybe I'l just add blogging about it to the list of things to do... ;-)

Rose XXX

Design it Chic said...

Oh those flowers are stunning!!!
And Happy B-lated July Morning!:)

Kristina with a K said...

That is a gigantic list sister! I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about that one.

Also, I wasn't aware of the July Morning celebration in Bulgaria. Did you make it to the sea side?

Evy said...

Sadly, I didn't even make it close... But, I made sure to have fun all day because of it!

I just found out I have a week off of work (yay!), so I am hoping I can get some things scratched off the list, but if not - really not going to worry about it too horribly much!

Which also means... more blog updates, finally!